Cosmetic Corrections

Porcelain Crowns in One Day
For teeth that cannot be repaired using only fillings and veneers, Hudson Dental & Orthodontics offers all porcelain-bonded crowns to restore the appearance of natural teeth. First, we numb the area to ensure comfort and prepare the tooth as necessary, leaving as much of the natural healthy tooth structure intact as possible. Using an on-site optical infrared camera, we record the tooth's exact dimensions. Next, we design the restoration and use a state-of-the-art milling machine to create a highly accurate, completely customized crown. Finally, we add any custom coloring to make a seamless match to the rest of your smile, as well as make any final adjustments for the perfect fit. High-tech dentistry offers same-day results and eliminates the need for uncomfortable molds and unpleasant temporaries altogether!

Cosmetic Veneers in One Day
Cosmetic veneers are instrumental in removing spacing between teeth, repairing permanently stained teeth, disguising unsightly fillings and correcting badly worn, small or misshapen teeth. A thin shell of porcelain or resin that is bonded to a tooth to improve shape and color, a veneer typically covers the front and top part of the tooth. While teeth can, over time and due to poor dental hygiene, trauma, genetics, aging, etc., chip or show signs of wear and tear, cosmetic veneers will restore teeth to their original appearance or even provide a better long-lasting aesthetic. Hudson Dental & Orthodontics uses the same process as outlined above for porcelain crowns to provide patients with quality, comfort and custom, well-fitted cosmetic veneers in a single appointment.

Porcelain Inlays/Onlays
Inlays and onlays are ceramic restorations that repair teeth with mild to moderate decay, as well as correct teeth that may have damage, cracks or fractures that do not warrant full-coverage dental crowns. An inlay or onlay works like a custom puzzle piece that fits within the tooth's remaining structure, providing the strength and cosmetic benefits of porcelain. Easy to clean and extremely effective for protecting against tooth decay, porcelain inlays and onlays do not stain easily and offer exceptional longevity. Hudson Dental & Orthodontics uses the same process as outlined above for porcelain crowns to provide patients with quality, comfort and custom, well-fitted porcelain inlays and onlays.

Invisalign, the clear alternative to the restrictive brackets and wires of braces, straightens teeth while providing high levels of comfort, convenience and confidence. With minimal interference to lifestyle, Invisalign offers smooth, clear plastic aligners that are removable for easy cleaning and that allow wearers to eat whatever they want. A modern smile straightening solution that is ideal for busy schedules, Invisalign requires approximately one visit every six weeks. Invisalign works for a broad range of cases, from overly crowded teeth and underbites to jaw problems and tooth misalignments.

In-Office Smile Whitening for Same-Day Results

Hudson Dental & Orthodontics offers fast, convenient and safe smile whitening systems that can brighten you teeth up to several shades whiter in a single visit. Try our professional in-office whitening treatment for instantly visible and long-lasting results.

Take-Home Smile Whitening Kits
We carry a selection of smile whitening kits and refills that patients can use at home on a routine basis to protect again teeth staining and discoloration and to keep smiles bright and beautiful.

Tooth-Colored Fillings
Strong, non-metallic restorations made from durable plastics called composite resins, tooth-colored fillings restore the appearance of teeth's natural surfaces with similar color and texture. More attractive and virtually unnoticeable, tooth-colored fillings repair damaged teeth to normal function and shape, restore 85-95% of the original strength of the teeth and are compatible with dental sealants to protect against further decay.

Gingival (Gum) Recontouring
Hudson Dental & Orthodontics can reshape your smile with professional gingival, or gum, recontouring. Gingival recontouring is the smile solution of choice to repair such common cosmetic issues as long teeth, exposed roots, uneven gum lines, gummy smiles, gum recession or gum indentations. Frame the attractive smile you want with healthy, well-contoured and symmetrical gum tissue.